Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, RFID surprises you Financial management is critical for survival, whether it is an individual or an organization. It becomes all the more imperative if matters come to managing group finances, especially if the group comprises of students in an academic institution pursuing higher studies. The challenge that was faced by a premier institute in Goa was handling the transactions of the Cafeteria, Laundry, Library and other facilities on campus for the students.

To handle such a dynamic and challenging environment, PSL RFID Solutions decided to take Money Matters to an all new level.

As each student walks into the classroom, the attendance is marked automatically and a display at the end of the classroom indicates the total students in the class: The faculty now have more time to deliver their notes!

With an on-campus cafeteria catering, the students just walk to the counter, choose from the menu and just flash their ID cards at the RFID enabled cash counter and walk away with their meals. With no cash being exchanged, this means faster billing and more time for the students to enjoy their short breaks.

Demanding assignments require the students to reference at the library and the role of the librarian in tracking just got easier. With student checking out with books and returning them back in an RF-enabled library, the late fee for delayed returns is also automatically deducted from the ID cards!

An RF-enabled photocopy counter tracks the usage of the machine and the relevant amount is deducted at the flash of the card. At the hostel, the RF cards are also integrated to drive the washing machines and the amount is deducted according to the wash cycle selected! Whats more, all these transactions of each student are available on a web portal as a statement of account, thereby easing the workload of the accounts department.

Financial management just got simpler!.