Mining is an important economic activity in the growth of any state. Traditionally mining has been viewed as a labor-intensive operation. Developments in technology have not only improved the mining standards but have also led to the mining fraternity in harnessing the power of Information Technology to monitor and control the production and transportation processes.

It is always the production of the stakeholders of mining to have accurate information regarding the production and transport of ore for either domestic or export purposes. In this view, various technologies have been utilized in the past to minimize manual intervention in the data collection process and thereby eliminate potential causes of human errors leading to improper accounting.

OTS has just given this advantage to the industry.

OTS was conceptualized and developed by PSL to cater to the demanding needs of the iron ore mining industry.

The need was to automate the existing system of ore tracking which was subject to manual errors. Besides this, with network connectivity being an issue at the mines and the remote destination points, it was practically difficult to reconcile the transported ore on a real-time basis thus inherently having an opportunity for potential pilferage.

Recognizing this need, PSL customized the CHASE framework for the mining vertical. the highlight of the solution was the proprietary model of “Work In Progress” Architecture that reduced the dependency on connectivity at all the points in the process.

The system designed to track ore movement throughout its transportation process, provides granular and accurate data records from each RFID enabled touchpoint. The value behind the system lies in its ability to automatically collect accurate information of ore movement throughout the entire value chain (from the mines to the shipping vessels).

OTS was installed at the weighbridges, the security gates and the destination points of operations. With passive RFID tags mounted on the trucks and RF hardware installed at each of these points, OTS was able to log critical process level information in real time. The framework was also extended to support peripheral devices like Weighbridges, Printers, Traffic Lights, Fingerprint Readers (as a safety requirement to authenticate valid drivers as they enter the mines) and Boom Barriers.

Besides the ERP system, OTS was also integrated with the online permit system of the Department of Mines and Geology and has provision to support online Forest Pass generation in the future.

Web enabled Logistics Dashboards and reports means that the REAL TIME activity of the mines can be monitored from anywhere in the WORLD!