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PSL at Mines Safety & Productivity Council

PSL at Mines Safety & Productivity Council

RFID in Mines Safety

RFID in Mines Safety


It is not about what we have to do but about what WE have done! So take a deep breath and then take the plunge.
Mines Safety and Productivity Council (Goa, Sindhudurg & Kolhapur) had celebrated Mining Safety Week from 23 January to 1 February,2012 which culminated in a function on Sunday,5 February,2012 (hosted at Pissurlem by Fomento Resources). On the same day there was an exhibition and PSL was invited to put up a stall there. All the heavyweights of the mining industry (Fomento, Sesa, Salgaonkar, Dempo, Timblo, Chowgule… – to name a few) had set up their stalls which were to be visited by various dignitaries.

It was important for us to give a good show and we started taking the first few tentative steps towards that goal. We had decided to make models of two weighbridges and cabins and use a remote controlled toy truck(complete with RFID tag) to make trips between the source and destination. Stack lights were fitted to the readers. (This was a big hit as people were amazed to see lights glowing on their own as soon as the truck came on the WB). All the time a projector was used to show the OTS screen and one of us had to toggle between the source and destination screens. Most of the audience thought it was good fun. But there were quite a few discerning persons (bigwigs from Mining Industries) who came back with intelligent questions and thoughtful observations.

Around 7:30 P.M. when we were contemplating on how to pack up, the ILPL employees came and told us that PSL had been awarded the only prize that was up for grabs. We were totally unaware that we were in the running for the ‘Best Stall’. The Chief Guest and other stalwarts had voted for us. It wasn’t long before we rested our hands on the trophy.

What is most important is that we in PSL gave a royal shake to the other competitors and WE DID IT WITH 3 THINGS – TEAMWORK, TEAMWORK AND TEAMWORK!!!


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