Provide Child Safety & Security through a RFID technology, we provide ID cards for the students, which is enabled with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) & Global Positioning System Technology(GPS)

  • Movement of students inside the school can be tracked if RFID readers are installed in labs, halls, classrooms etc.
  • RFID student tracking system in buses helps schools track whether a student is getting off at the right stop.
  • The RFID student tracking system generates a message to the parent’s phone informing them that their child has boarded the bus/reached the school.
  • RFID in schools can be used to automate attendance and save time as teachers don’t have to take attendance manually.
  • RFID Tracking System can also be extended to drivers, wherein, the driver will have to swipe in at the start of the trip and at the end. The driver is asked to check if there is still any child left on the bus while swiping out. This prevents sleeping kids from being trapped on the bus due to a driver’s negligence.
  • This RFID tracking system can be used to generate attendance reports.